ios 7


Well ios7 has been announced and I am gutted. Looks like a load of concepts people have already done around the web. Looks nowhere near polished enough for Apple.

Was genuinely looking forward to this announcement, and even considering a switch from wp, but really disappointed. Everything looks extremely cluttered. Not a fan of the Helvetica neau ultralight either, reminds me of every single project people did at college, same goes for the blur overlay.

One thing I do love is the background image tilt. Check out the video, its a really nice effect.

Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) Leak

So a guy who bought a Lumia 920 from ebay. And it came with the latest Windows Phone build, which includes loads of new features, most notable of which is the notification centre. 



This is brilliant news. What’s no so great is that it appears to be a tile/app. If this this out to be genuine, then it’s terrible. The whole point of a notification centre is that it is accessible form anywhere on the device, without going to the homescreen. After all, the start screen on WP is basically a notification centre itself.

What is pretty nice is the new weekly view in the calendar app. For me, the calendar on WP is awful. I only use the agenda view at the moment, but this could be my new default view.

Another biggy for me is the ability to close apps from the multitasking panel.

There is some other stuff I’m personally not that fussed about, such as sorting the app list. I really don’t use it myself, I just have everything pinned to the start screen. 

Head over to neowin for a more detailed look:

WWDC 2013


WWDC 2013 is just around the corner and I am finding myself strangely excited. I don’t often get too excited by anything Apple these days, but I am hoping for some big news to come out of this event. 

As a designer, the biggest news for me will be the redesigned UI. I am hoping it will be something quite drastic, iOS has become extremely stale  and is in need of a big change.

Functionally, Android style widgets would be amazing, but unlikely. I am not expecting much on this side of things. Who knows? The good thing is we don’t have long to wait!

Windows Blue Concept - Notification Centre

Currently working on a concept for Windows Blue. I have tried to unify the look and functionality of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, thinking about the gestures in particular.

Here, I have looked at the Charms / Notification Centre. I have removed the app list from Windows Phone. Instead, a swipe from the right will now bring up the Charms/Notification Centre.

I have also put everything in the right bar. So, rather than the clock being in the lower left on Window 8, it would appear in the right bar. I believe the clock in the lower left was incredibly counter intuitive to the user. The user is looking at where they are making the gestures. 

Take a look and let me know what you think.